Seizing IDES Success: A Visual Guide to The Integrated Disability Evaluation System

Seizing Ides Success Snip
By: Joel Pettit • July 12, 2023

After advising over 1000 clients at all levels of the Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES), and beyond, Joel Pettit found that most of his clients came to him exhausted and frustrated, all sharing one common factor: confusion about the path forward. Although every case will follow a different path forward in terms of outcomes, there is a common administrative path that all cases must follow. Not knowing the basic path forward is when client emotions reach their peak. This is the same reason going to the Department of Motor Vehicles is so infuriating: there is a common path, the description of which is supposed to be public knowledge; however, we all fill out the wrong form.

These processes are frustrating not because they are necessarily complex, but because there is a lack of information that would enable people to understand what steps to take. Put simply, there is an element of uncertainty where none need be. This is precisely why Joel Pettit decided to write Seizing IDES Success: to condense his knowledge of the IDES and his experience with clients into an easily understandable medium, providing Service members with the information needed to lessen unnecessary anxiety. Although not a comprehensive manual, Seizing IDES Success gives every Service member entering the IDES a clear understanding of the major milestones and processes that will unfold while their case is prepared, reviewed, adjudicated, and, possibly, appealed.

Joel’s long-term vision for Seizing IDES Success is an iterative one: new flowcharts and diagrams will be added to, one day, encompass all the processes and sub-processes at work within and in concert with the IDES.

If you are currently going through the IDES process or think you may be referred into it, please don’t hesitate to contact Joel Pettit Law to discuss your case.

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