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Why Hire JPL Instead of Settling for Government Counsel?

Focused Peb Ides Meb Attention

Focused Attention: Unlike government counsel, we limit our caseload so we can thoroughly review your medical records, strategically gather evidence, seek specialized medical testing, and create a case presentation plan to optimize our overall case strategy. JPL is focused on providing quality legal representation and advice, period!

Exceptional PEB and IDES experience

Unparalleled Experience: Government counsel generally have little experience outside their limited scope of work, whereas JPL is the only PEB-focused firm that has extensive government attorney experience at every stage of the IDES. Our depth of experience enables us to address the issues in your case from multiple angles, be they legal or administrative.

Quality time for IDES clients

Quality Time: Government counsel have little time to spend with their clients. JPL is selective with its cases because we refuse to treat the law like an assembly line: we will spend the time necessary and use all methods available to present your case in the light most favorable to achieve the desired outcome.

Why Hire JPL at the LIMDU or MEB Stage?

Preparing the Battlefield: Although some military branches give Service members access to legal counsel sporadically during the IDES process, this is a poor substitute for a dedicated legal advisor who works with you to create a holistic, case-specific legal strategy, and who is conveniently available to answer the myriad of questions that are sure to arise.

PEB lawyer preparing case presentation

Proactive Problem Solving: Having presented hundreds of cases to the Formal PEB, we know that board members view delays in addressing potentially unfitting conditions as evidence that the conditions are not unfitting. We work to identify and gather evidence as early as possible to sidestep systemic, avoidable, potentially catastrophic issues like these.

PEB attorney and IDES client joining forces

Creating Your Path Forward: Hiring JPL means focusing on the vital issues in your case, enabling you to make better decisions about not only your present situation, but also about your future. Whether you’re single, dating, married, divorced, or anything between, our goal at JPL is to lighten the burden so you can focus on moving forward to a better tomorrow.

MIlitay PEB TDRL IDES client looking forward

What are the Advantages of Working with JPL?

PEB IDES TDRL Integrated Planning

Integrated Planning: We create case strategies focused on not only legal issues, but also administrative and operational matters that can significantly affect your case. A holistic strategy not only enables us to achieve better results, but also allows us to consider and plan for the potential long-term effects of near-term decisions.

PEB Hearing Preparation

Comprehensive Knowledge: Our insights stem not only from military service at the informal and formal PEB level, but also from our civilian, Federal government attorney experience dealing with the nuances and inner workings of the PEB, VA and BCMR. The mixture of military and civilian perspectives is key to addressing cases in a balanced fashion.

Military PEB IDES TDRL Taking Breath

Peace of Mind: We proactively guide our clients through the constantly changing legal, regulatory, and administrative landscape that defines the IDES, BCMR, VA, and Federal judicial processes. Our relationships with present and former PEB members, administrators, and attorneys means JPL can provide guidance on which our clients can confidently rely.

What Do Clients Say About JPL?

Joel Pettit made it easy to fight to save my 17-year military career by clarifying the way forward and plainly explaining what options we had as things progressed. When I asked him questions, Joel gave me the unvarnished truth. As a Naval Officer, I appreciated not only his attention to detail, but also his direct approach. Before my FPEB hearing, Joel made me feel confident about my testimony and about my chances of success. He also explained what our back up plan would be if we had to submit a post-FPEB appeal. His anticipation helped us get a head start in gathering crucial evidence that turned out to be the key piece of evidence we needed to win my case. Joel Pettit not only piloted my case to victory, but he also made sure to explain what pitfalls still lay ahead despite my positive PEB finding; he took the time to explain the broader picture so that I could avoid potentially having to face the PEB again before reaching my 20-year anniversary. If a Service member is looking for an intelligent attorney who’s truly passionate about what he does, I would recommend Joel Pettit six days a week, and twice on Sunday.
Before speaking with Joel Pettit, describing my mood as extremely anxious would be a serious understatement. Although I'd been found unfit for migraines and had been working toward recovery to be found fit, I didn't know if I had enough evidence, was it the quality the PEB wanted, or had I just been wasting my time. Within 15 minutes of talking with Joel, he had explained what I needed to be found fit, how the PEB members would view certain kinds of evidence, and how the pieces of evidence I had already gathered could be most helpful. I was shocked at how quickly and efficiently Joel was able to break things down and work with me to create a clear path forward. Having an eye on the FPEB hearing, Joel even created a "Fit Questioning Outline" for me, taking all the worry out of testifying. Most surprising was Joel's willingness to talk and text after hours. Although I texted him multiple times after 9 pm, he immediately responded with substantive comments and analysis, not just "ok" or a thumbs-up emoji. Even when I gave him statements after the evidence filing deadline, he knew how he could get the evidence in front of the FPEB members. After my hearing - which ended with an on-the-spot FIT finding- the Presiding Member said the late evidence pushed my case over the finish line. Without Joel going above and beyond, I would have had to go through another appeal, which would have taken at least another month to resolve. Joel's easy-going yet knowledgeable approach not only set my mind at ease, but also gave me the confidence to face the FPEB head on. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had Joel Pettit on my side; my fit finding and continued military career prove it.
In November 2020, I needed an attorney when the military lowered my disability rating and stopped all my benefits. My case was filled with unusual circumstances and happened during the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic. Joel went above and beyond my expectations in helping me win my case. He went out of his way to call the presiding member of the PEB to highlight pertinent information specific to my case for their consideration. That highlights one of many exemplary ways that Joel worked on my case. From the moment Joel began working with me, he demonstrated that he had strong relationships with the administrators and board members. Joel showcased a strong ability to problem solve and think both critically and inventively. Joel was perfect for handling my case, not only because of these qualities but also because he had intimate knowledge of PEB nuances. I highly recommend Joel Pettit! His passion for law and compassion for his clients is unmatched. Joel displayed exemplary knowledge and unmatched skills in the practice of law during our time working together. He is an amazing person and a phenomenal attorney! He won my case, and I was able to regain permanent access to all my military benefits. Again, I highly recommend Joel Pettit for all your PEB needs.
Joel Pettit was not only knowledgeable about all aspects of the IDES process, but he is also a great communicator. Joel is a straight shooter because he knows how he can best serve his clients like myself. You always were informed of where your case stands. After the PEB lowered my disability rating from 80 percent to 20 percent, he made sure to explain all the rules and regulations that helped me understand the possible reasons for the PEB’s decision and how we could use those same regulations to fight to keep my retirement. This vast information and knowledge of Mr. Pettit, immediately put me at ease and helped me focus on what we had to do to win my case. He even suggested getting statements from people who would normally never lift a finger to help me, my ex-wife in particular. Having her statement – although a little angry in parts – carried a lot of credibility with the PEB members. Using Excel, Mr. Pettit helped me testify clearly about the average number of sleep attacks I was having every week to clearly communicate the severity of my Narcolepsy to the PEB and how it affects my life. Mr. Pettit painted a picture that clearly showed I deserved a least a 40 or 60 percent rating, when all I needed was 30 percent. Needless to say, I went from being separated with severance pay to being put on the Permanent Disability Retirement List. Smart, relatable, hardworking, and honest describe Mr. Pettit best. You should count yourself lucky if you can get him to represent you.
Mr. Pettit is a great advocate because he listens to his clients, educates them about their case, and works with them to succeed. I never felt lost or confused about where my case stood or was headed. When we first spoke, Mr. Pettit asked me what I wanted out of the PEB and how I felt about my case. After discussing the details, Mr. Pettit explained the challenges we'd face to get a fit finding. He was the first person who was direct and honest with me about my case. Trusting him meant instead of wondering whether we were on the right track, I was able to focus on our strategy to win. Even after the FPEB found me unfit for the second time, Mr. Pettit explained why it happened, why the finding was incorrect, and what our next steps to success were. He very directly told me that a win was not guaranteed but was confident I had a great case that could be a winner if we could get the right evidence; and that's exactly what happened. Although the FPEB and the post-FPEB appeal process was nerve wracking, Mr. Pettit was always available to explain things and help address the issues that threatened to derail my case. His advice was always clear and well-reasoned; it's what saved my 16-year military career! Any Service member should be grateful to have Mr. Pettit as their IDES lawyer!